Vodafone Case Study

Mission: Steve was chartered to establish the front-end team that controls the portal www.Vodafone.it and server 36 Million customers with 7 Million unique visits a month. Everything publicized on this portal from September 2015 til today is currently managed by a multidisciplinary team of 21 FTE setup and run by Steve and then handed off to a functional manager. While the content is provided by the client Vodafone, the structure, funtionality, look n feel, ux, graphics and front-end code are all designed and implemented by this team.

Approach: Steve setup an Agile UX organization organized along 3 vertical-market sub-teams each comprised of Interaction Designer, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Content Editor, Quality Assurance and Product Owner. Team A focused on Wireless products and services, Team B focused on Wired products and services and Team C focused on Customer Care and Post Sales.   Steve define all operational processes. Below is the production process that can be expanded to seen in detail.

Steve also setup the JIRA Project Management system that allows the team of 21 to handle a workload of an average of 50 projects per week. These projects could be any type of update to the portal, from a new landing page for a marketing campaign to completely new features and content.


Here is an ensemble of assets the team produces over the months.

The most successful effort was to drive standards in process, methods, tools and design language. To do so Steve converged the team to utilize Axure as the standard wireframing tool to produce protoypes and engage end users in discussions, early validation, usability and AB testing.

AB Testing Example (Axure)

App Project “Shake it All” (Axure)

Web Project “Netflix Christmas Card” (Axure)

Visual Style Guides (PDF)

Mobile Site Specifications (PDF)


From the financial perspective we’ve achieved significant operational improvements cutting cost of operations  by 45% over the previous organization and processes.

From a Customer and User Experience perspective we:

  • Implemented a proper metrics system of measure other than the NPS (Net Promoter Score), implementing a program of qualitative research directly feeding rapid and actionable insights to the business community.
  • Consistently improve specific areas NPS and other more specific UX metrics.
  • Measurably elevated Brand equity and customer satisfaction trough UX and CRO optimization.


[wrapper][one_half] Here is an ensemble of creative work for landing pages and promotions.

Smartphone Offers


ADSL Offers