eBay Case Study

ebay-logoMission: in 2005┬ádynamic front-end content and user generated content (reviews, guides) became an industry trend for eCommerce┬áSteve was called in to prototype and test some creative alternatives for eBay’s international front pages with dynamic content and to create and test a Reviews and Guides environment as a new feature for eBay’s marketplace. International usability testing reveiled that dynamic content was much more appreciated in Asian countries


Approach: Rapid prototyping and continuous end-user iteration.

  • Develop several prototypes of eBay’s front page.
  • User test various prototypes.
  • Partner with engineering to technology test alternatives.
  • Develop Reviews and Guides environment.

Results: The iterations reveled terrific benchmarks before a line of code was implemented.

  • Dynamic content adopted on sevaral international front pages increased commercialization and cross promotions.
  • +15% 1st year traffic retantion. Previously lost to Amazon and other review sites.
  • Dynamic contant contributed to increased customer satisfaction in Asian countries.
  • Reviews and Guides contributed to increased satisfaction, brand loyalty and eBay community building and participation.

Reviews and Guides

live eBay Reviews Section
live eBay Guides Section


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