Coop Case Study

coop-logoMission: COOP is a major grocery chain in Italy intending to build a new eCommerce portal for online grocery delivery. For this initiative Steve was chartered to develop the initial design & recruit for and instantiate the design & front-end dev team to handle ongoing operations for the new Online Grocery Delivery portal (to go live in November 2016). The roll-out begins in the Rome metropolitan area and expands progressively up the Italian peninsula over the course of 2017, with targets of 50 Million Euros of gross sales & 40,000 orders a month, per dark-store in each metropolitan market.

Approach: Steve immediately deployed Agile UX methodologies to quickly produce and validate a proper design for this Online Grocery Delivery platform and then setup an Agile UX team comprised of Interaction Designer, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Content Editor. This team is currently overseeing all operations related to maintenance and update to the portal.


  • A “state-of-the-art” design for a the brand new service was delivered in record time (2 months).
  • A bran new multidisciplinary organization was recruited, fitted and made ready to start full scale operations from day 1 opening.


Information Architecture (tested with treejack) We’ve learned that this field is emerging and there is no standard way to categorize products. The best categorization is the one reflected by the end-users mental model. Thanks to tools like TreeJack we are able to uncover this mental model and maki improvement to the information architecture before a product is even built to prevent otherwise very expensive mistakes.

coop treejack  coop treejack task1  coop treejack pietree1  coop treejack pietree14

Customer Experience Journey & Organization.(PPT) This is a sanitized version (for public consumption) of some strategic CX content to inform the deployment of resources.
customer journey

Axure Wireframes (Axure). Here is an the complete set of wireframes representing the new eCommerce for Online Grocery Delivery.
coop thumb

Photoshop Graphics (JPG). Here are some stylized wireframes dressed with the graphics.
coop graphic