Tektronix Case Study

tek-logoMission: Steve was chartered to leverage UX as Strategic Asset & Key Competitive Differentiation to extend Tektronix dominance in the Test and Measurement Equipment Industry.

Approach: Steve re-aligned the UX practitioners under a centralized UX group (and P&L center with about $3M budget) of 20+ FTE, contractors and agencies. Steve then lead the development of a UX Strategy to exceed customer needs and expectations,┬ádrive consistent design decisions to elevate the Brand’s equity and institutionalizing Best Practices and Methodologies. This strategy focused on 3 cardinal points:

  1. Mapping of Customer Journey Touch Points to shed light on problems and organize efforts and resources,
  2. Creation of a Standard Design Languace to unify the practice and portfolio, and
  3. The institutionalization of User Centered Design process and methods to drive improved product development life cycle while producing much more usable instruments at a reduce cost.

Below are a few examples of artifacts that Steve and the team produced during the implementation of the UX strategy.

The results of implementing this strategy can be still seen and felt today as the product portfolio is aligned in itself and with the brand, products are much more user friendly and the cost of production and reworks have shrunk.


[one_third] Customer Journey Map.

Served as a map of the battlefield to enable visibility over the problems and decision making about how to invest effort and resources.[/one_third] [one_third] Product Maturity Curve & UX.

Served to educate executive ranks to gain support and budget to drive initiatives.[/one_third] [one_third_last]User Centered Design Process.
ideo-processOne of many models deployed, this particular one from IDEO, served to educate and institutionalize the process and methods into more established PDLC.[/one_third_last]

2. Standard Design Language

Next generations of Product Design Look and Feel based on a Standard Design Toolkit to enforce Brand consistency and future Design decisions across product lines.
– Leverage Design as Strategic Asset & Key Differentiator to reinforce Brand & Customer Experience
– Drive consistent future design decisions utilizing existing spending and organizational structure
– Meet and exceed customer needs and expectations


[one_third]NDW-ID_1-1024x678[/one_third] [one_third]NDW-ID_2-1024x678[/one_third] [one_third_last]NDW-ID_3-1024x678[/one_third_last]

3. Presonas Development

“Cooper” style Personas guide multi-discipline team decision making and reinforce User Center Design principles and methodologies.
[one_half]tek_hunterSam[/one_half] [one_half_last]tek_saverTom[/one_half_last]

Results: Influenced Product Portfolio Physical and Soft Design

  • Improved usability and appeal of all product offering from Tektronix.
  • Brand reinforcement and elevation by the strength of its consistent approach to the design of user experience touch points.
  • Streamlined UX operations integrated in produce lines.
  • Lowered cost of the product development life cycle and of reworks.
  • The new processes and workflows keeps all employees up date and involved in the research and design process breaking down previous barriers.