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Hi, I am Steve Mariani

Experienced General Manager, Product Director and Result Oriented Leader. Builder of products, organizations, teams, processes, best practices. I’ve built products used by millions of people worldwide and built organizations that oversee products used by millions and I thrive in a rapidly scaling environment.

► Experienced General Manager, Director and Leader. Built commercial digital business from zero to operative scale, bringing direction and innovation to product design & development teams. Built, realigned, grown, empowered, mentored and managed several multi-discipline and distributed teams in USA, Europe, China, India, Remote.
► Experienced Strategist. Defined and delivered product strategy, roadmaps, features definitions and prioritization, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, UX design & research, customer experience, & intellectual properties strategies for products and services that reach millions of user worldwide, blockchain, distributed ledger, crypto economy.
► Hands-on expertise. Product Ownership and Product Management, Agile/Scrum, Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, Payments, Ethereum, NFT, ERC20, ERC721, Solidity, Smart Contracts, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) , User Experience Design & Research, Customer Experience, User Centered Design, Creative Thinking, Human Factors, Usability.

For over 20 years I’ve been building, re-aligning, managing and mentoring high-performance, distributed multi-discipline organizations and I’ve been designing and developing digital products and services used by millions of people.

A true fan, practitioner and teacher of Agile/Lean methodologies and process. I’ve had the pleasure to teach Agile UX, User Centered Design, Design Thinking in USA, China and India and most recently I am implementing these methods and forming personnel in Europe as well. I’m a director, product owner, manager & designer at heart and one of the primary passions is creating/improving products & services. Other than this, I am known for being strategic, versatile, technical and passionate.

My job as General Manager is to build, re-align, inspire motivate and grow top professionals in distributed multi-discipline teams. I hire and groom people of character and passion, and I lead as a servantly and with utility.

My job as Director/Head of Product & Design is to develop the vision and translate business strategies into product and design opportunities, build businesses to scale, and lead great organizations based on best practices bringing out the best in people.

My job as Experience Designer is essentially to make technology easy to use, understanding what makes people “tick” and iterating early and often directly with end users and customers.

Work Experience & Case Studies


General Manager & Co-Founder & Head of Product


General Manager & Co-Founder of the Canary Island's first, largest, and fastest-growing Web3 IRL physical community and DAO. Building a Web3 local ecosystem with:

- Networking and events for entrepreneurs, developers, marketeers, Web3/blockchain/crypto enthusiasts and professionals, both locally and globally.
- Growing the community made up of professionals entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and marketers who are passionate about Web3 and its potential to revolutionize the world.
- Developing Web3 solutions with our Startup Studio.

Head of Product for the Startup Studio and the Incubation of Traders Island, a Log Perpetual Futures trading protocol and decentralized derivatives exchange with lower liquidation risk.
- Leading a community driven project in DeFi with a distributed and multi-discipline team of 14.
- Responsible for all aspects of product, protocol , financing, management, strategy, roadmap, vision, governance.


Web3 Consulting & Product Ownership

Advanced Blockchain

Web3 venture building with an extensive team of analysts, developers, programmers, economists and mathematicians dedicated to developing the next wave of DeFi products.


Head of Product

Internet of Artists LTD.

Responsible for all aspects of product vision, UX, strategy, research, design, business development, partnerships, grants, and testing for global platforms focused on developing musicians and musician services marketplace. In the process of defining and developing the integration and demonstrable value of blockchain technologies, focusing on the development of use cases for Payments, NTFs, Smart Contracts, DeFi, DAO governance, and Tokenomics for the AMY Music DAO, that is the next evolution of the existing platforms and community: AMY Music & AMY Studio. The AMY Music DAO is developed on XRP Ledger as well as on Polygon.


Experience Strategy & Management (Consultant)

Teleco, Banking, Retail, eCoomerce

Responsible for building commercial digital business at scale, bringing direction and innovation to Product Development & Management, User Experience, Customer Experience and drive growth. Build world class digital organizations focused UX, CX, Front-End, introducing and leveraging best practices such as Agile/Lean methods and processes. Responsible for driving CX & UX Strategy, Research, Design, Prototyping and Development to excellence for high profile digital clients.
Vodafone Case Study
Coop Case Study
Telekom Case Study


Drone Based Solutions and Productions

Intelligent Flying Objects

Entrepreneurial activity providing consultation and realization of special project involving the use of advanced civilian drone technology. Recent customers include HUAWEI & Sotheby’s International Realty.

TouchYourMomment HUAWEI Campaign
Aerial Video Production Samples


Manager of User Experience

Intel Inc.

Instrumental in devising and implementing a model for the enterprise corporate quality organization to define and measure platforms UX quality. Built and managed two specialized UX teams teams.

Intel Case Study


Director of User Experience

Fluid User Experience

Entrepreneurial activity. Co-founder and Lead Consultant on UX Design, Research and Strategic services for clients worldwide including Intel & Corelogic.

CoreLogic Case Study


Manager of UX Group

Tektronix Inc.

Responsible for centralized User Experience group of 20+ FTE and $3M+ budget overseeing Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Graphics Design, Information Architecture, Usability and Branding for Tektronix’s 1500+ products.

Tektronix Case Study


User Experience Manager, Architect, Designer

Established & managed cross-functional globally distributed User Experience team. Managed and executed R&D activities to deliver innovating and brand defining experiences improving ROI and streamlined product development cycle.

Redbox Case Study
eBay Case Study

Professional Skills

Business Unit Leadership & Management
P&L / Budget Management
Product Management & Strategy
Customer & User Experience
Experience Strategy, Design & Research
User Centered Design & Creative Thinking
Prototyping & Development
Agile & Agile/Lean UX
Product Management
Front-Eend Software Development
Program & Project Maangement
Market and End User Research
Business Process Engineering
Software Architecture

A bit more about me...

My Leadership Style

108359129_08dac9dac3_bI seek understanding, think systemically, methodically, and about first principles. I discover what is universal and capitalize on it, rallying people toward a vision for a better future, cutting through differences, using stories and celebrating heroes, tapping into those very few needs we all share. This is very different than management. The style of my leadership is laissez-faire (non-autoritarian) based around vision and democracy:

I lead with vision to move people towards a new set of shared dreams and common understanding.

I lead with democracy drawing on people’s knowledge and skills, to create a group commitment to the resulting goals.


My Management Style

115725689_4110c167b4_bI consider a good manager one that gives clear directions and stays pretty hands-off, but is ready and available to jump in to offer guidance, expertise, and help when needed.

I consider a great manager one that turns one person’s particular talent into performance, identifying and deploying the differences among people, challenging each employee to excel in his or her own way. Practicing this has shown me many rewards because:

  1. Identifying and capitalizing on each person’s uniqueness saves time. No employee, however talented, is perfectly well-rounded.
  2. Capitalizing on uniqueness makes each person more accountable.
  3. Capitalizing on what is unique about each person builds a stronger sense of team, because it creates inter-dependency and helps people appreciate one anothers’ particular skills and learn that their coworkers can fill in where they are lacking.
  4. When capitalizing on what is unique about each person, a healthy degree of disruption is introduced, shuffling existing hierarchies and assumptions about who is allowed to do what, and existing beliefs about where the true expertise lies.

Managers must also adjust their styles according to the situation that they are presented with. Situational leadership depends on the amount of support and guidance needed and I practice adjusting to each situation:

  • Telling: Works best when employees are neither willing nor able to do the job (high need of support and high need of guidance).
  • Delegating: Works best when the employees are willing to do the job and know how to go about it (low need of support and low need of guidance).
  • Participating: Works best when employees have the ability to do the job, but need a high amount of support (high need of support but low need of guidance).
  • Selling: Works best when employees are willing to do the job, but don’t know how to do it (low need of support but high need of guidance).

My default position, when not flexing is:

Partecipative / Coaching / Permissive: I tend to enable subordinates to take part in decision making and also give them a considerable degree of autonomy and latitude in completing routine work activities and carrying out their work, as opposed to being autocratic and directive: making all decisions myself, unless we are in a situation where this is absolutely needed.

In doing so I tend to build teams that have a good mix of seniority that produces confident and autonomy and juniority that enables for growth. I go out of my way to make sure I know when my team needs help. I don’t hang around and wait to be called upon by my direct reports, I go to them. That means plenty of informal check-ins, both on the work they’re doing and on their general job satisfaction and mental well-being.  I focus on making the most of peoples strengths, triggering good performance and tailoring to a learning style, motivating people with autonomy, mastery and purpose.


 My Design Style, Principles & Philosophy

Everything I do is to improve the lives of end-users/customers, with focus on making technology easy to use. With me you can count on someone that:

  • Thinks about the big picture, the brand, and most importantly, the end-users/customers.
  • Has passion about creating experiences that are beautifully intuitive and motivating.
  • Loves working with and leading a team on a mission, eager to collaborate with engineers and business colleagues to find elegant but practical solutions to design challenges.
  • Likes creating rough prototypes to communicate concepts, narratives and experiences.
  • Is deliberate about the design approach, and you rely on feedback from the team and customers to iterate.
  • Has clear and articulate communications, and applies broad and functional knowledge to solve problems.
  • Has great empathy for customers/end-users.
  • Takes a minimalist and pragmatist approach to design.


I work by measured application of principles and coaching other to think and wok by principles. whether it be visual design, or interaction design, or information architecture, practicing, teaching and forming professionals on the User Centered Design, Creative Thinking and Services Design process.

I consider myself tool agnostic and will tent to use the best tool for the job. However some of the tools that I am most familiar with include:

  • Axure for rapid and complete lifecycle protoyping and for developing standards and patterns.
  • Adobe Creative Suite. With this I enjoyed using all tool and seeing how they have gotten way better over the years. I am particularly good in Photoshop and Premier, but I can kick the bucket on any platform.
  • Jira for project management and process control.
  • Google Drive as my document archive and crude collaboration platform.